Pertamina, Pelindo to develop green terminal in North Jakarta

Pertamina, through its subsidiary PT Pertamina International Shipping, and PT Pelindo have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the Jakarta Integrated Green Terminal (JIGT) in Kalibaru, North Jakarta.


The development of the terminal is planned based on calculations of the national energy demand which will continue to increase and will vary in the coming years.

The location of JIGT is strategic and could become a gateway for the energy trade ecosystem through the Singapore – Indonesia corridor which has a 30% -35% share of global trade flows for oil and LNG, the partners highlighted.

BUMN Deputy Minister I Kartika Wirjoatmodjo noted that the construction of JIGT will be a very strategic infrastructure for the development of renewable energy going forward.

“JIGT will accommodate multi green products that are managed in a green manner and are expected to become the flagship of Pertamina and Pelindo,” he said. 

This was emphasized by the Main Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati explaining, JIGT will be built to be more modern, environmentally friendly. 

The terminal which is located in Kalibaru will also be bigger and will complement the Plumpang Integrated Terminal which is currently the backbone of the BBM infrastructure in West Java.

“The Jakarta Integrated Green Terminal in Kalibaru is designed in accordance with the trend of energy transition and the development of Pertamina’s future green energy business, besides that it is also an energy terminal with the best operational standards,” said Nicke. 

IGT would not only accommodate fuels such as LPG, BBM, Gasoline, and Biodiesel but was also designed to be able to accommodate LNG, CPO, UCO (Used Cooking Oil), and petrochemicals. 

“JIGT is also designed to anticipate the trend of increasing energy demand in line with the national economic growth target,” added Nicke.

“In its development, JIGT will apply ESG aspects and be emission free. JIGT will later be operated by implementing a digital system so that it is more secure, reliable and efficient,” CEO of PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Yoki Firnandi stated.

Pertamina is committed to supporting the 2060 Net Zero Emission target by continuing to encourage programs that have a direct impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Recently, the company’s subsidiary PT Pertamina signed an agreement with Japan’s Inpex Corporation on a strategic collaboration to proactively pursue the implementation of the Abadi LNG project in Indonesia.

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