Illustration; Source: SLB

Petrobras embraces digital transformation with SLB’s cloud-based tech to optimise oil & gas production

Oilfield services giant SLB has been hired on a long-term contract by Brazil’s Petrobras, which is investing in AI and cloud-based technologies to ramp up production and set the foundation for achieving decarbonisation and net-zero targets.

Illustration; Source: SLB

According to SLB, this five-year contract is for an enterprise-wide deployment of its Delfi digital platform and covers Petrobras’ digital transformation from exploration, development, and production operations, including moving subsurface workflows to the cloud to significantly accelerate decision-making.

The oilfield services player highlights that this award represents one of Petrobras’ largest investments in cloud-based technologies and lays the groundwork for the Brazilian energy giant to achieve its net-zero goals. 

Rakesh Jaggi, president, Digital & Integration at SLB, commented: “By leveraging AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing technology from SLB, Petrobras will drive aggressive efficiency and production increases across its E&P business. Leveraging the Delfi platform to digitally transform Petrobras’ E&P workflows, will improve efficiency and demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and energy transition.”

Furthermore, SLB explains that the Delfi platform realised “a significant reduction” in processing time for geological and geophysical (G&G) interpretation. As some workflows experienced a reduction from hours to minutes, the company claims that AI and machine learning applications reduced fault interpretation time in petrophysical modelling workflows by 60 per cent. 

SLB further underscores that Petrobras’ “large” investment in this digital technology for E&P is part of the Brazilian player’s plan to increase total operations production. No financial details about this deal were disclosed.

Back in April 2021, SLB partnered with Equinor and Microsoft to deploy the Delfi cognitive E&P environment, with seamless integration to the OSDU Data Platform to accelerate Equinor’s ability to integrate data at scale and improve decision-making.

A few months later, the company also launched PeriScope Edge to expand the depth detection range and improve resolution. This is a multilayer mapping-while-drilling service, which utilises the cloud and digital solutions to offer reservoir insights targeting optimal reservoir exposure while drilling to enhance well construction efficiency.

Come March 2022, SLB also disclosed that ConocoPhillips would use its cloud-based Delfi cognitive E&P environment to bring its reservoir engineering modelling, data, and workflows to the cloud.