Petrobras Produces USD 2.58m BOED in June (Brazil)

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Petrobras Produces USD 2.58m BOED in June (Brazil)

Petrobras’ average domestic and foreign oil and natural gas output in June was 2,583,415m barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). Output for domestic fields was 2,338,812 boed. Both domestic and total output remained unchanged on the previous month. Foreign output was 244,603 boed, a 2.5% decrease on May.

Of total domestic output, oil accounted for 1,959,713 barrels/day. Scheduled maintenance shutdowns on Campos Basin platforms P-48 (Caratinga) and P-53 (Marlim Leste) were the main factors responsible for the 1.5% drop. In June, non-liquid natural gas output reached 60,272,000 m3, representing a 4.9% increase on the May figure of 57,437,000 m3.

Foreign average oil output in June reached 148,582 barrels/day, down slight (0.8%) on the previous month. Natural gas output reached 16,314,000 m3/day, down 4.9% on May. This was due to a fall in demand for gas produced by Petrobras in Bolivia.

Press Release, July 31, 2012

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