PGS lands offshore wind site survey deal

PGS has been awarded an offshore wind site characterization contract in Europe for an unnamed project.

Ramform Titan; Source: PGS

Mobilization is scheduled for early July and the contract has a total duration of approximately two months.

The project will be acquired with PGS’ ultra-high-resolution 3D (UHR3D) streamer, providing significantly more detailed subsurface data for shallower targets compared to traditional seismic acquisition systems, PGS said.

The company won its first wind farm site characterization contract last year.

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“We are very pleased with this offshore wind site characterization contract award, which extends visibility for our offshore wind operations through the third quarter. We successfully entered the offshore wind site characterization market last year and have secured continuous activity since startup,” said Rune Olav Pedersen, President and CEO of PGS.

Our geophysical approach by using an ultra-high-resolution 3D towed streamer system is significantly more efficient than traditional 2D and geotechnical solutions. Our clients value the shorter lead time and the high data quality we offer. There is a significant volume of offshore wind site characterization projects out for tender, and we expect increasing activity going forward.”