PGS, Spectrum Reveal East Greenland 2D MultiClient

Petroleum Geo Services (PGS) together with Spectrum have completed reprocessing 7,357km of 80’s vintage 2D seismic data offshore the south east coast of Greenland, with a significant improvement in data quality.

South Eastern Greenland

The seismic data is located offshore South Eastern Greenland between 62 and 72 degrees latitude. This area includes the southern part of the East Greenland rift basin.

A 2007 USGS assessment over this province indicated undiscovered oil and gas reserves of 31,400 MMBOE (million barrels of oil equivalent).

East Greenland forms the conjugate margin to the Norwegian continental shelf, Faroe-Shetland Islands and Rockall Basins. It is anticipated that analogues of successful play types found in these relatively well explored petroleum provinces can be extrapolated into East Greenland.


Frontier Exploration

This offshore area is considered frontier in hydrocarbon exploration terms, with only limited, regional, wide-spaced 2D seismic lines available and only a few Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) wells drilled.

Using contemporary techniques perfected for sub-basalt imaging in the UK Atlantic Margin and India West Coast offshore, the reprocessed data show considerably improved definition of the pre-Tertiary basalt sedimentary section.


Source:Petroleum Geo Services, February  14, 2011;

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