PGS Wraps Up Trøndelag Platform 2019 Campaign

PGS has completed the acquisition phase of 3D GeoStreamer surveys totaling 10 500 square kilometers over frontier acreage on the Trøndelag platform, including the Helgeland and Froan basins.

According to the company, first data is expected before the end of the year, with final PSDM due in July 2020.

Two full broadband 3D GeoStreamer acquisitions were carried out by Sanco Swift and Ramform Vanguard this summer, using high-density triple-source design. They targeted a large and underexplored area close to existing infrastructure.

Data results from Trøndelag platform and East Draugen should provide the basis for exploration decisions.

PGS GeoStreamer technology is beneficial in this area for seismic velocity estimation, better imaging of the Jurassic targets, and the presalt potential in the Permian. This will allow detailed prospect evaluation and exploration for new plays.

Fast track data is expected by December 2019. PSDM and velocity model building with Complete Wavefield Imaging of the GeoStreamer data are due July 2020.

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