Platform for maritime investments to connect regions, EU institutions and maritime organizations

The launch of a networking platform on maritime investments, related to smart specialization strategies and EU funds for maritime regions has been discussed on CPMR Political Bureau meeting.

The aim of the platform is to obtain precise details that will allow for the analysis of the maritime sector’s importance within smart specialization strategies and operational ESI (European Structural and Investment) Fund programmes, as well as to facilitate European cooperation between Regions and socio-economic stakeholders, possibly in the form of European projects that meet shared needs.

In addition, the platform will seek to identify investments that lie within the framework of Juncker investments, or to be a source of proposals on European programmes and policies, and to contribute to the analysis of the use of the ESI Funds, in particular the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund).

The platform is expected to bring together the regions and the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe) Secretariat, European institutions and interested maritime organizations.

This initiative will at first be rooted in the activities of the CPMR, maritime organisation of regions, and the issues that CPMR is addressing can be proposed as work areas for the platform either at a pan-European level or within the individual sea basins, CPMR’s press release reads.

CPMR is made up of 150 regions coming from 28 countries, and its aim is to ensure a strong EU regional policy targeted at all of Europe’s regions while working towards the delivery of an integrated maritime policy designed to contribute towards Europe’s economic growth.

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Image: CPMR/Illustration