Plug Power commissions 95 MW of electrolyzer capacity globally

U.S. Plug Power has reached an electrolyzer capacity milestone, with over 95 MW of its systems in operation or commissioning at sites across the world.

Archive; Courtesy of Plug Power

The location of these systems spans multiple regions in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and India, Plug revealed, adding that each electrolyzer deployment is managed and installed in compliance with the diverse regulatory and compliance requirements specific to each geography.

The systems, ranging from 1 MW to 40 MW in capacity, are operating at external customer sites that have purchased the company’s PEM electrolyzers. Plug said that, since installation, its electrolyzers have collectively produced over 1,500 metric tons of hydrogen.

The hydrogen produced via Plug electrolyzers at these locations is expected to contribute to several initiatives, such as developing a green hydrogen refuelling network, powering green hydrogen charging stations for fleet vehicles, supporting mobility applications like hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts and light commercial vehicles, replacing methane-fired furnaces in the production process and more.

Plug’s CEO Andy Marsh commented: “This milestone represents a significant achievement for Plug, underscoring our leadership in delivering proven technology to meet the growing demand for hydrogen worldwide. Deploying electrolyzer systems across multiple continents and producing over 1,500 metric tons of hydrogen, is a clear example that at Plug, we’re not just talking about the future of hydrogen – we’re actively building it today.”

Plug is on schedule to ship and begin commissioning 37 additional units, which is expected to increase capacity by 40 metric tons per day of hydrogen in the second half of 2024.

“As more systems around the world come online and operate at full capacity, like the recently announced 25MW electrolyzer for the European market, Plug’s electrolyzer systems will produce 93 metric tons of hydrogen per day,” Plug stated.

To note, Plug announced the European deal for 25 MW of PEM electrolyzer systems in June 2024. At the time, the company said the project in question would employ five of Plug’s 5 MW containerized PEM electrolyzers to reduce the carbon footprint of the company by using green hydrogen.

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