Port of Le Havre deploys ShoreTension system across all terminals

The Port of Le Havre has announced the deployment of the ShoreTension mooring reinforcement system on all its terminals after several months of successful testing.

Image credit Port of le Havre

The ShoreTension system, developed by KRVE, uses advanced software and sensors to monitor the mooring tension and adjust it in real-time.

The solution consists of special mooring ropes in Dyneema®, an ultra-resistant polyethylene fibre, attached to hydraulic rams. This standalone system is additional to the ship’s conventional mooring, and it addresses the issue “surging”, which refers to back-and-forth movements by the ship along the terminal berth.

The system is positioned on the quay between two bollards and can be used in different configurations:

  • on the bow and stern lines or the breast lines to counter ship movements away from the quayside in the presence of offshore winds;
  • on the spring lines to counter surging.

According to the Port of Le Havre, the deployment of the ShoreTension system on all its terminals is a significant step towards improving the overall safety and efficiency of the port. The system has been tested extensively for several months, and the results have been very encouraging.

The testing involved shipping lines: ONE, CMA CGM, MSC, HAPAG LOYD, HMM, COSCO and OOCL, and stevedores: Compagnie Nouvelle de Manutentions Portuaires (CNMP), Générale de Manutention Portuaire (GMP), Terminaux de Normandie (TN), the port said.

Powered by solar energy, the system has been designed to adapt to changing weather conditions and tidal movements, which can cause the mooring tension to fluctuate. By adjusting the tension in real-time, the ShoreTension system ensures that the moored vessels remain stable and secure at all times.

The ShoreTension system is also expected to help reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of the mooring equipment. By monitoring and adjusting the tension in real-time, the system can prevent excessive wear and tear on the mooring lines, which can lead to costly repairs and replacements.

The Port of Le Havre is one of the busiest ports in Europe, handling over 70 million tons of cargo each year.

The port said that the total cost of the installation was €770,000.