Protean Plans Further WEC Deployments

Protean Wave Energy informed that it is planning to proceed with further deployments of its Protean Wave Energy Converter (WEC) during this quarter after an independent review of results is completed from the recent offshore trial.

In addition, the company informed that it has now prepared and provided the information required to start both the initial phase of an engineering development study and the numerical modelling study.

The outcome of the aforementioned studies, combined with performance data collected from the early short term deployment and the next stage of trials will form the basis of a design optimization review process to be completed ahead of the manufacturing and deployment of a larger array of buoys, the company said.

In conjunction with the newly implemented design optimization review process, Protean has completed a transfer of key technological know-how and intellectual property relating to the current buoy design from Sean Moore and Moore Commerce, with key designs, drawings, engineering calculations and assembly requirements all transferred to Protean.

As the company proceeds towards the front end engineering design stage necessary for commercialization it has agreed to terminate its contracts with Sean Moore and Moore Commerce.

Bruce Lane, managing director, said: “Sean and the Moore Commerce team have completed steps to prove concept and we thank the team for their innovative efforts and contributions in reaching this pivotal stage in the development of our Protean wave energy converter. We must now focus on the practical and economic aspects of design, constructability, installability and operability in this next stage of the WEC development.”