PSV trio named in Romania

Romania’s Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) last week hosted a naming ceremony for its three platform supply vessels.

PSV trio named in Romania

The ceremony for  GSP Altair, GSP Centaurus and GSP Pegasus vessels was held in the port of Constanta.

GSP Altair, GSP Pegasus and GSP Centaurus will enter service in the Black Sea, where they will provide supply services to the offshore oil and gas industry. The GSP fleet of thirteen offshore support vessels includes AHTS, PSV, OSR, crew and MedEvac vessels. The company also operates eight drilling rigs, three construction vessels and two heavy lift crane barges.

“The acquisition of the three new vessels is part of our strategy regarding the development and the modernization of our fleet. This will allow us to maintain our position among the top players in the oil and gas industry in the Black Sea, and, in the same time, to access new clients,” said Gabriel Comanescu, GSP`s President and CEO.

The new large PSVs were built under a contract by MAC at Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding, in south eastern China.

Each vessel measures 87,02m in length, 18,80m in breadth, with a total deck surface of 1.000 sqm and 52 POB. The platform supply vessels are equipped with a DPS-2 positioning system. Additionally, GSP Pegasus is equipped with a 100T DNV class knuckle boom electro hydraulic crane, perfectly suitable for subsea services. The crane is able to operate in extreme weather conditions, at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +45°C.


September 24, 2014