Race Bank Update: 4 Turbines Up, 87 to Go

The fourth wind turbine has been installed at the Race Bank offshore wind farm in the UK, A2SEA’s spokesperson told Offshore WIND this morning (19 May). 

Race Bank got its first turbine on 9 May and shortly after saw the first power being exported to the national grid.

The team on the Sea Installer has 87 more wind turbines to install for the 91-turbine project, which features Siemens 6MW turbines, including the first ever wind turbine blades manufactured at the Siemens blade factory in Hull, expected to be installed later in the year. Some two thirds of the blades at Race Bank will come from the Hull factory.

Construction of the offshore wind farm is being managed from DONG Energy’s construction base in the Grimsby Fish Docks.

Once fully commissioned in 2018, Race Bank will be capable of generating 573MW of electricity – enough capacity to meet the annual electricity demands of over half a million UK households.