Record-breaking MeyGen enters 25-year operations phase

One of the turbines used for the MeyGen project – the AR1500 (Photo: Atlantis Resources)

The MeyGen tidal energy array, developed by Atlantis Resources, has completed the construction phase for the Phase 1A. With 6GWh of clean energy already generated from tides, the project has officially entered its 25-year operations phase.

At 6MW rated capacity, MeyGen is the world’s largest tidal stream array, according to the Edinburgh-based company Atlantis Resources.

One of the turbines used for the MeyGen project - the AR1500 (Photo: Atlantis Resources)

The achievement follows on from an extended period of array operation since the four turbines, making up the Phase 1A of the project, were reinstalled in 2017.

Aside from producing approximately 6GWh of energy to date, the array has in March set a new world record for monthly production from a tidal stream array – generating 1,400MWh, Atlantis said.

Tim Cornelius, Atlantis CEO and MeyGen Chairman, said: “Seeing the MeyGen project move into the operations phase is another major milestone on the path to commercializing tidal stream energy.

“We are incredibly proud of this achievement and this provides a solid platform for building out the full capacity at MeyGen and many other similar sites worldwide. This achievement is a triumph of public policy and a demonstration of what can be achieved when government and the private sector roll their sleeves up and decide to create a whole new industry together.”

John Robertson, Senior Energy & Infrastructure Manager at Crown Estate Scotland – the body that manages leasing of the seabed – said: “This is a real success story for MeyGen, for the tidal sector and for Scotland. We are incredibly pleased to have been part of this and look forward to supporting MeyGen and the other tidal energy projects in Scottish waters as the sector strengthens and grows.”

The completion of the construction of Phase 1A – combined with the ongoing production and reliability levels achieved – help to progress the viability of tidal stream energy as a clean and predictable energy source, according to Atlantis.

The MeyGen project has 392MW of further development capacity, with consents and grid connection agreements in place to pave the way to exploit more of this potential.