Reef Subsea completes gigs in Norway and The Netherlands

Reef Subsea has informed it has completed work on the L5 Sierra Pipeline and Bøyla development projects, in The Netherlands and Norway, respectively.

Reef Subsea completes gigs in Norway and The Netherlands
Reef Subsea brought the L5 Pipeline project, located 96 kilometres off the coast of The Netherlands, to a close in May 2014, deploying its state-of-the-art Q1000 Jet Trencher from the Reef Despina Construction Support Vessel. Operating in water depths of up to 42 metres, Reef Subsea delivered the project ahead of the planned completion date, demonstrating the company’s ability to reliably offer safe, flexible and efficient project solutions.

The Bøyla Development Project, awarded to Reef Subsea in quarter-three of 2013, will be brought to a close at the beginning of September 2014. The Q1000 Jet Trencher and Reef Despina were also utilised on the Bøyla project, along with a team of experienced operators, to conduct trenching services 225 kilometres West of Stavanger, Norway, at a water depth of up to 120 metres.

A jet trenching ROV, the Q1000 embraces the latest technologies in jet trenching and ROV design. The Q1000 is capable of trenching pipelines, umbilicals and submarine cables up to three metres depth, with 750kW of total installed power and 700kW of variable jetting power.

Reef Subsea completes gigs in Norway and The Netherlands
Q1000 Jet Trencher

Reef Subsea also provided all associated engineering, procedures and project management necessary to complete the trenching workscope .

Oddbjørn Nupen, Project Director for Technip Norway, said of the project performance, “For trenching of the Umbilicals on the Bøyla Project, Technip Norway selected Reef Subsea with the Reef Despina and Q1000 Jet Trencher for the work. The operation met all expectations, including technical capability, reliability and QHSE expectations. The work was performed in less time than scheduled. The trenching of approximately 28 kilometres of Umbilicals proved to be most satisfactory”.

Anthony Michelin, Project Director at Reef Subsea, commented, “As forecast at the beginning of each project, the team and equipment have worked exceptionally hard to deliver the top level results expected by our clients. We’ve demonstrated that we can react efficiently and effectively to the requirements of our clients and that we can use our versatility to deliver tailored solutions”.



Press Release, September 04, 2014