Reflex Marine launches FROG-XT4 crew transfer capsule

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Reflex Marine has launched its newly developed marine transfer capsule FROG-XT4.

Reflex Marine launches new FROG-XT4

The company previously unveiled a prototype of the crew-transfer device at Offshore Europe in 2013, which attracted a number of inquiries from operators keen to strengthen their business continuity plans.

The company’s clients work in the most demanding conditions and have a duty of care to transfer their personnel safely, to and from, their offshore work places. At times they face difficult operational scenarios and may have to respond to emergency situations.

The FROG-XT4 is Reflex Marine’s response to these demands and has been developed with over 20 years of experience, over 800 transfer devices operating globally, and with an estimated 1million safe transfers performed using the company’s capsules every year.

According to the company’s press release, the FROG-XT provides greater comfort and safety to passengers, and offers operators wider operating parameters and higher capacity transfers. The unit has a small footprint, making it easy to store, and cost effective to ship. One improved feature is the main load plate for the rigging terminations which provides easy access and eye level inspection, making it simple to ensure the safety of the unit before each transfer. It is also capable of being deployed quickly in Medical Evacuation situations (MedEvac), a crucial feature in emergency scenarios.

Reflex Marine’s CEO Philip Strong said, “Crew transfer operations have evolved over the years and the FROG-XT is the product of many years of research and experience of working with operators throughout the world. Reflex Marine has set new standards and expectations for the industry, changing the perspective of crew transfer from being seen as inherently high-risk, to being accepted as a manageable activity that can be performed safely and cost effectively to ensure continuity in offshore operations, either in day-to-day transfers or as a contingency arrangement.”

Reflex Marine has established a number of accredited service centres for FROGs and TOROs around the world. These service centres offer stock, spares, rental services, inspection and maintenance and training to exacting standards set by Reflex Marine.


 February 14, 2014



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