RelyOn Nutec Invests in Offshore Wind Safety Training

Safety training provider RelyOn Nutec has invested in its Aberdeen facility to diversify into offshore wind safety training.

RelyOn Nutec updated its Foinavon Close and Wellheads Road centers with a GBP 60,000 refurbishment to accommodate new wind safety training courses.

According to the company, the investment includes an extension to the platform in the pool area to mock-up realistic safety transfers from a vessel to a turbine, an updated fast rescue boat, new ancillary equipment for working at height and rescue, and extending the existing working at height platform at Wellheads.

RelyOn Nutec recently achieved GWO accreditation in Aberdeen, leading the way to new courses being launched mid-January to support the industry in the region.

The courses will provide entry-level training for those looking to retrain for wind industry opportunities and advanced training for those already working in the industry and looking to enhance their skill base.

“There are major offshore wind developments underway in the UK, in the north-east of Scotland and the north-east of England, so both of our UK centres are very well positioned to fully support the industry, with required accreditation as it grows around our shores,” said James Dixon, Product Development Manager at RelyOn Nutec UK.

“There are a couple of large projects forthcoming in the Moray Firth, Firth of Forth and north of Edinburgh, so achieving GWO accreditation for our Aberdeen centre was essential to support our client requirements.”