RESOURCECODE set to launch marine data toolbox for ocean energy developers

The EU-backed RESOURCECODE project is set to launch a marine data toolbox which will provide ocean energy developers with a set of standards and functions for resource assessment and operations planning.

Illustration/Cardinal buoy at EMEC’s Billia Croo site a Craig (Courtesy of EMEC)
Illustration (Courtesy of RESOURCECODE)
Illustration (Courtesy of RESOURCECODE)

The toolbox, produced with the support of Ocean Energy Era-Net Cofund, will be launched at a virtual event on March 10, 2022.

During the free-to-attend event, the RESOURCECODE team will demonstrate the capabilities of the toolbox, as well as the value of the datasets and provide an interactive environment to introduce the suite of tools created to support the investment and growth in the wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors.

The toolbox integrates a high-resolution hindcast dataset and analysis tools in an online platform enabling easy access and analysis.

The toolbox has been created using 27 years of hindcast wave data, from across North West Europe and it will provide technology developers and supply chain companies with world leading resource characterization, enabling them to improve engineering designs, optimize operations in highly demanding marine environments, reduce barriers and promote growth in renewable energy.

Nicolas Raillard, researcher at Ifremer, said: “We are delighted to launch the RESOUCECODE toolbox, which will enable easy access to the data, while the extended implemented open-source library will allow online analysis dedicated to refined resource assessment and offshore energy converters design and optimization.

We are confident that the final 27-year dataset, combined with the RESOURCECODE marine data toolbox will provide the most adapted and integrated solution for ocean renewable energy developers.”

Matthew Storey, project manager the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), added: “The RESOURCECODE project brought together an international consortium of businesses and marine renewable energy test sites supported by established academic partners, which blended the necessary expertise for the project. EMEC has enjoyed leading on this project and working in partnership to develop this new marine data toolbox, which will deliver significant benefits for the energy sector.”

The RESOURCECODE project brings together EMEC, Ifremer, Ocean Data Lab, BlueWise Marine, Centrale Nantes, University College Dublin, University of Edinburgh and INNOSEA.