Rhode Island’s Governor Named Vice Chair of Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition

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The Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition has appointed Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as the new chairman and Gina Raimondo, Governor of the first U.S. state developing an offshore wind farm, as vice chair for the 2016 term.

“As the governor of the first state in the nation to develop offshore wind resources, I look forward to working with other governors to expand offshore wind, and to collaborating with states in other parts of the nation to open new markets for wind power. Wind power expansion will create jobs, diversify our energy sources, and ensure long-term energy affordability,” Raimondo said.

Photo: Terry Branstad/ Twitter
Photo: Terry Branstad/ Twitter

“I look forward to working with Governor Raimondo and our Coalition colleagues to help the wind energy industry diversify our nation’s energy portfolio and drive economic development in our states,” Branstad said.

“We will continue to share best practices across the states and work with Federal leaders to deliver stability and predictability in supportive Federal policies,” he added.

The Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition is a bipartisan group of the U.S. governors who are dedicated to the development of the nation’s wind energy resources to meet America’s domestic energy demands, while reducing the dependence on imported energy sources.

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