Romica Engineering and PCT form an alliance

Romica Engineering has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Precision Control Technologies providing Romica’s worldwide customer base assured through life support covering motion control and heave compensation systems.

Romica Engineering and PCT form an alliance

The establishment of this formal alliance provides PCT’s expertise and training to Romica’s engineers, securing the knowledge for the next generation.

Romica Engineering was founded in 2003 to provide payload welfare to the oceanographic and offshore oil & gas sector. Romica supports companies undertaking subsea measurement, monitoring and IRM (Inspection Repair Maintenance) tasks through a range of services, tools and equipment solutions.

Bob Turner, Managing Director of Romica Engineering, said: “PCT and Romica have worked closely together for over 10 years and this formal alliance provides security to both companies and most importantly to our customers. This will allow Romica to continue to provide our customers and end users the confidence to use our equipment safely and within known limits.”

Precision Control Technologies design and develop control systems and instrumentation for offshore, military, and controllers for heavy lift civil engineering applications. PCT design and manufacture Motion Reference Units but have concentrated their design efforts on providing precision heave and heave rate estimation. This has enabled PCT to control the lowering and landing of subsea structures with vertical positional error less than 12mm in heave displacements exceeding 1.5m.

“This alliance formalises a long standing relationship between PCT and Romica, and secures the knowledge base for the future development of PCTs work, notably the active heave compensation systems we design and supply,” said Paul Marshall, Managing Director, PCT.

Press Release, April 21, 2014
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