Rosmorport Plans to Dredge Muchke Bay

FSUE Rosmorport is planning to conduct dredging operations during the 2015 navigation season at the Muchke Bay coal handling complex.

The project named “Construction of a transport and handling coal complex on the northern coast of the Muchke Bay” comes as a part of a massive federal target program “Development of the transport system of Russia (2010-2020)”.

According to the project, dredging works will be conducted at the same time with the construction of hydraulic facilities.

The works are planned to be held in two stages:

  • stage I: dredging in the basin of berth No. 1 with the project depth of 19.3 meters and 909 000 m³ of soil to be extracted;
  • stage II: dredging in the basin of berth No. 2 with the project depth of 21 meters (21.2 meters in the turning basin) and 607 000 m³ of soil to be extracted.

Dredging will be performed by a trailing suction hopper dredger and a grab dredger. The grab dredger, based on a Bleikhert-type floating crane with the grab bucket volume of 4 cubic meters, is planned to be used within 10 meters of the berths in order to prevent damage of the hydraulic facilities. Soil excavated during the project will be placed at two previously determined locations.

The final choice of the dredging equipment will be made by the customer according to the results of the tender.

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Source: rosmorport