ROV Maker Deep Trekker Partners with Vortex Companies

The Vortex Companies announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Deep Trekker, a developer and manufacturer of commercial-grade pipe inspection crawlers and other remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Based in Canada, Deep Trekker and Vortex will attack the trenchless rehabilitation and sewer repair market by offering what is considered to be the most affordable, durable and portable pipe inspection product.

“With our visibility in the sewer robotic and trenchless lining industry, we have access to a unique customer base that suites Deep Trekker’s DT 340 Pipe Crawlers well,” stated Andrew Gonnella, VP, sales and marketing of the Vortex Companies. “Deep Trekker’s line of pipe inspection robots will have great appeal, based on their price and portability.”

Deep Trekker started out as a manufacturer of underwater ROVs and has continued to expand its product line to include inspection crawlers for land-based, wet environment use.

“We’ve simply taken our expertise in underwater ROV manufacturing and applied it to the line of DT 340 Pipe Crawlers,” stated Sam Macdonald, president of Deep Trekker. “They are rugged, can be operated with a hand-held device and are completely submersible.”