Russia: Okskaya Shipyard Enters Final Preparations for V.F. Tanker-14 Launch

Okskaya Shipyard Enters Final Preparations for V.F. Tanker-14 Launch

On August 23rd 2012, Okskaya Shipyard will hold official launching and naming ceremony for “V.F. Tanker-14” the fourth serial tanker of Project RST27 constructed for the shipping company V.F.Tanker (part of VBTH, majority owned by Universal Cargo Logistics Holding).

All Project RST27 vessels are designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.

New project tanker has increased river function comparing with other MEB projects. River deadweight of Project RST27 vessels is increased for 716 t comparing to Armadas, while:

  • hull strength increasing (sea region R2, or region II due to old RS classification);
  • practically keeping the same fuel consumption;
  • keeping increase capacity of cargo tanks.

Project RST27 vessels satisfy dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Way. Overall RST27 prj. vessel length is of 140.85 m, breadth is of 16.6 m, depth is of 6.0 m. They belong to “Volgo-Don Max” class. Special requirements of the Russian and world petroleum companies, additional ecological RS limitations of “ECO PROJECT” (ECO-S) class were taken into consideration during designing.

RST27 prj. vessels are assigned for transportation of crude oil and oil products, without flash point restrictions.

Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, August 14, 2012; Image: osy