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Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp ROV for Dutch Navy

Saab Seaeye has received an order from the Dutch Defence Material Organisation (DMO) for deliveries of the Sea Wasp underwater vehicle.

Saab Seaeye

The Sea Wasp systems will carry out operations for the Dutch Navy.

With a base weight of only 75 kg, Sea Wasp is a small and flexible ROV which can be used for a wide range of underwater operations, both within the commercial and military sectors.

Sea Wasp can, for example, carry out sea mine detection and other reconnaissance operations.

The Sea Wasp takes vessels and men out of the threat envelope, providing a safer underwater solution for ordnance disposal.

It has been developed in collaboration with the US Underwater Hazardous Device Response Community.

This is Saab Seaeye first delivery of the Sea Wasp vehicle to European customer.

According to Seaeye program manager Kate Palmér, it is also the first order the company has received directly from DMO.

The order also covers some development, including the integration of the customer-specified Blueview sonar in the vehicle and HMI.