SAAM Towage slashes carbon emission from its Colombian ops

Canadian towage operator SAAM Towage has revealed that it managed to verify and fully offset the greenhouse gas emissions from its Colombian operations. 

SAAM Towage

In 2022, the company emitted close to 14,618 tons of CO2 in Colombia, which were fully offset through clean energy projects validated by the United Nations and Biocarbon and the communities where the company operates.

Credit: SAAM Towage

The measurement process, certified by Bureau Veritas, considered all direct and indirect emissions from energy consumption, transportation and products and services used by the organization. 

“We operated sustainably to benefit our planet and our community, and to generate value for our customers and strategic partners. We have become more and more efficient at using our resources, planning our maneuvers in detail and raising awareness among our employees to protect the environment,” commented the country manager of SAAM Towage Colombia, Joao Paulo Marins

Last year, the Canadian company measured and slashed 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions generated during 2020 in all maritime operations of the tugs in the Bay of Cartagena. Actions taken include efficiently using fuel and planning manoeuvres, migrating to LED lighting and training personnel.

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