Sance Gets Breakthrough in Norway Market Area

Sance Gets Breakthrough in Norway Market Area

Finnish Sance-Sandelin Consulting and Engineering Ltd gets breakthrough in Norway offshore and marine market area and the company has started big recruitment project.

Sance has agreed with its Norwegian collaboration partner to start cooperation and answer to the requirement of Norway’s marine and offshore sectors by offering engineering and design support. This includes also project management, supervision and HSE. Because of this agreement Sance starts big recruitment project and plans to hire at least dozens of new employees to the company.

“We have been doing the market research and negotiating with potential Norwegian companies for some time now. We’ve already started cooperation relationship with Bergen Group Fosen and we’re glad that they are very interested to receive our possible support in the future also. We’re now starting collaboration relationship with other Norwegian company which is effecting in marine and offshore sector. Together with this company we are answering to the need of having skilled engineering and design support and we’re very happy to offer our resources,” informs Sance’s CEO Mr. Kalle Sandelin.

“We already have a resource bank, but when resourcing projects it’s highly important to place the right people to the right tasks. Marine and offshore engineering and design field is very large and every person has their own specific knowledge area where they are good at. We’re now starting big recruitment project to find persons which have already some engineering and design background from marine and offshore industry. Other requirement would be to have English skills (Swedish would be plus), have the right attitude of client service and software experience from marine/offshore field. We have managed to get the big wheels rolling in the client area and we’re very happy to be able to employ new persons to our company, providing good workload, exciting tasks and give engineers and designers a possibility to implement what is their passion – to provide their knowledge and show their skills in the work to which they are committed,” pictures Ms. Arja Saapunki, Sance’s International Marketing and HR Director.


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