Sanmar, IGUS develop adaptable onshore power system

Turkish shipbuilder Sanmar Shipyards and IGUS, a Germany-based energy chain systems manufacturer, have succeeded in developing and building a new compact ‘electric bunkering’ system that can supply various vessel types with onshore power.

Courtesy of Sanmar

The two companies have designed and built a compact quayside shore power dispenser system that can be operated by just one crew member.

The modular design allows an extension of the dispenser system to provide higher charging power capacities easily. Each cable dispenser module can handle 500A current capacity (up to 1000V AC).

For Sanmar, as a Turkish shipyard and tugboat operator, the cooperation with Igus enables it to offer a charging infrastructure for the ports. It is part of the company’s mission to contribute to the tug and workboat industry’s efforts towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable, low- and zero-emission future.

Sanmar is already working with Canadian naval architects Robert Allan Ltd and battery energy storage provider Corvus Energy to build and develop the ElectRA range of electric tugboats – five vessels ranging from 19m to 28m in length and up to 70 tonnes of bollard pull.

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“Our vision of a future sustainable carbon-neutral tug and towing sector will depend on simple, easy-to-use and efficient infrastructure at ports and harbours around the world. We are proud to be at the heart of this transformation through innovation and technological advance,” Tamer Geckin, R&D and Electrical Systems Director of Sanmar Shipyards, said.

“As Igus we are aware that more and more ports are confronted with an increased public awareness of environmental issues. Stricter guidelines are forcing ports to implement more environmentally friendly technologies. Our customised energy supply systems for providing vessels and tugboats at berth with shore power are the solution to reduce air pollution, noise and vibration…We are delighted to collaborate with Sanmar for their new design green tugboats,” Martin Tilling, Shore Power Systems Industry Manager of Igus GmbH, commented.

From the start of their collaboration, both Igus and Sanmar said they understood that it was important to keep their system simple and modular so that the system can be adapted to the charging capabilities of each individual port. The cable management system, combines standard components and is operated with a radio remote control so there is no need for additional personnel shore side to operate it. Connection and disconnection require only a few minutes.

The two project partners are also sharing their experiences with the automated connection system which will be required if there is only a short period available for charging.