Satlantic Representatives Discuss Research Applications Across the Globe

In 2012, Satlantic is making a concerted effort to develop a broader understanding of user requirements across international markets. Satlantic representatives have been very busy traveling to several international regions including China, India, Brazil, UK and Germany, meeting with scientists and technicians to discuss various research and environmental monitoring applications.

Cyril Dempsey, Satlantic’s VP of Operations and Dr. Marlon Lewis, Satlantic’s President, recently traveled to China to visit with researchers to gain insights into key product requirements unique to Chinese environmental science. Cyril and Marlon traveled with Shuren Qin from LinkOcean Technologies, Satlantic’s representative in China and met with researchers at the following institutions:

• The National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC)

• Shandong Academy of Sciences Institute of Oceanographic Instrumentation

• Xiamen University (XMU)

Cyril, Marlon and Shuren provided procedural updates for NOTC’s optical calibration facility and gathered feedback on recent LOBO buoy system deployments at XMU.

David Gillett, Satlantic’s Technical Sales Associate recently traveled to several locations in India along with WET Labs Customer Support Specialist Dave Stahlke, and Mr. S. Kannan of Electrotek International, Satlantic’s representative in India. David and his team were able to visit several key organizations including:

• the National Institute of Ocean Technology

• the National Institute of Oceanography

• the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

• the National Remote Sensing Centre

• the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology

• Annamalai University

Geoff MacIntyre, Satlantic’s Director of Marketing and Business Development participated in the Sea-Bird Europe Open House at the new Sea-Bird calibration and service facility in Kempten, Germany. As part of the Open House, Geoff provided training on Satlantic’s SUNA nitrate sensor, SeaFET Ocean pH sensor and In situ FIRe fluorometer system.

Geoff MacIntyre and Robert Burns, Satlantic’s Director of Sales participated in the recent Oceanology International conference in London, UK and participated in various workshops and meetings to improve the collaborative flow of information and ideas between Satlantic and our growing scientific client base.

This week, Robert Burns, Satlantic’s Director of Sales and Dr. Marlon Lewis are traveling in Brazil with Marcus Moraes and Ivan Machado Martins from LUNUS, Satlantic’s representative in Brazil. The team will visit:

• São Paulo University

• the National Institute for Space Research

• Rio Grande Federal University

• Santa Maria Federal University

• Rio de Janeiro University

Through the travels, Satlantic continues to broaden the understanding of scientific requirements across all markets to continuously improve the ability to provide market leading sensors and systems for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring.

Subsea World News Staff , May 14, 2012;  Image: Satlantic