Fu Yong 6, power cable installation and maintenance barge

SBSS beefs up cabling capacity with new barge

Chinese company SB Submarine Systems (SBSS) has completed sea trials and took delivery of Fu Yong 6 power cable installation and maintenance barge.

Courtesy: SBSS

The barge is on long-term charter from Zhoushan Yongbo Shipping.

Earlier this month SBSS held the naming and delivery ceremony of Fu Yong 6 at Zhoushan Huafeng yard.

Fu Yong 6 is a multi-purpose cable lay barge with a 5,500t cable carousel; caterpillar track tensioners and a 6-point mooring system.

The barge is an ex-transportation pontoon purposely modified by SBSS in 2020 for subsea power cable works.

installation and maintenance barge

The barge also has grounding capability.

Therefore, SBSS said it will target the shallow water high-voltage export cable installation market.

Fu Yong 6 is also capable of carrying out shallow water Pre Lay Shore End operations in the telecommunications sector.

It comes with Longli jetting sledge powered by high capacity submersible pumps. In the delivery configuration the Longli sledge will achieve a burial depth of 3.3 metres.

On 29 October 2020, Fu Yong 6 completed 12-day sea trials, which saw all of its onboard equipment tested.

The sea trial also included function and burial testing of the subsea cable trencher “Water Dragon”, from CRRC SMD.

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SBSS managing director, Simon Hibberd, said:

“Over these 25 years, we have owned, managed, operated and chartered a variety of cable installation and cable maintenance platforms, all of which have been successful in delivering a high quality of service to our diverse customer base.

“Today is the start of a new chapter for SBSS as we embark on a 36-month program of work specifically in the Chinese windfarm market, installing and deep-burying cables in the East and South China Seas utilizing the barge, and equipment, you will see today.”