Sea Springer Joins Seatankers’ Fleet

The platform supply vessel ‘Sea Springer’ was recently delivered from Zhejiang, and ship owner Seatankers/Deep Sea Supply has now received the eight of their twelve vessels of the PX105 design.

Sea Springer Joins Seatankers' Fleet

In Ulstein’s latest magazine, Ulstein Today, the Captain on one of the sister vessels, ‘Sea Falcon’, praised the vessel. Working in the Scottish sector of the North Sea, the vessel has been through some harsh weather, but that doesn’t stop her from doing her duty: “We have experienced our share of bad weather. We’ve had no particular problems, everything is fine and she is very good in operation.

 Joey Daigle, who is general manager in the Deep Sea Supply Management office in Singapore, says:

During my visit to these vessels and in talking with the Masters, they have statements like: ‘The vessel is extremely quiet when underway’, ‘minimal vibrations are felt in heavy seas’ and ‘this PSV design has a ride of luxury.'”

The vessels are 88.9 metres long and measure 19 metres in the beam and are equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system. The cargo deck area is approximately 1,000 m2 and each vessel has a deadweight of 4,500 tons. The deliveries from Ulstein include not only the design, but also an extensive equipment package, including all power distribution and electric propulsion systems, bridge and communication systems.

Ulstein, May 6, 2014

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