Image showing Seatronics' VALOR ROV (Courtesy of Seatronics)

Seatronics bags $1M order for multiple VALOR systems

Acteon’s marine technology specialists Seatronics has received a purchase order from Oceanica for multiple VALOR remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems worth over $1 million.

Seatronics' VALOR ROV (Courtesy of Seatronics)
Image showing Seatronics' VALOR ROV (Courtesy of Seatronics)
Seatronics’ VALOR ROV (Courtesy of Seatronics)

Brazilian subsea engineering company, Oceanica was one of the early adopters of the technology having taken a system in 2020 for real-world trials, according to Seatronics.

Max Marcelino, ROV co-ordinator for Oceanica, said: “Oceanica in its constant search for perfecting its work through technology and innovation, found in VALOR the combination of strength, maneuverability and the ability to integrate several state-of-the-art sensors.

“All whilst operating on a platform that allows the ROV pilot to focus on his core activity and produce excellent results during inspections and small interventions”.

The VALOR (Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV) is the lightest yet most powerful observation ROV available, Seatronics claims.

The standard system is for 300 metres depth. However, its platform allows the vehicle upgrade to up to 1000 metres with simple modifications.

David Owen, ROV manager at Seatronics, said: “We owe the team at Oceanica a huge thanks. Not only have they now invested heavily in the vehicle, they also helped us get to this point. Over the last nine months we have gotten to know their team incredibly well and I can see this continuing to be a very open and mutually beneficial relationship”.