Photo: Penguin WEC-2 (Photo: Wello)

Second Penguin gets ready for Orkney’s waves

Penguin WEC-2 (Photo: Wello)

Finnish company Wello has released a photo of the second version of its Penguin wave energy device that will soon be producing clean energy from the waves in Orkney, Scotland.

The second version of the Penguin wave energy converter is said to have reached 110% increase in power production as it gears up for deployment next to the earlier version of the Penguin technology at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

The installation of the improved device will be facilitated by a multi-cat vessel from the Orkney-based vessel operator Green Marine, Wello said earlier.

The Penguin WEC-2 is being constructed under the Clean Energy from Ocean Waves (CEFOW) initiative, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, which plans to install three wave energy converters at EMEC over the next two years.

Led by Fortum, the CEFOW project aims to prepare the Penguin technology for commercialization by developing the first grid-connected wave energy array in the UK, with a focus on lowering the levelized cost of energy and developing an efficient supply chain to support larger wave power projects in the future.