Seismic trio wraps up another phase of 3D survey offshore Suriname

Seismic trio wraps up another phase of 3D survey offshore Suriname

A consortium of TGS, CGG and BGP has completed the fourth phase of the deepwater 3D seismic survey offshore Suriname from which multi-client data is set to support the country’s deep and shallow water bid rounds.

Source: TGS

Covering 1,800 square kilometers, Phase IV completes the programmed 14,500 square kilometers survey of newly acquired 3D data in deep and shallow water in the Guyana-Suriname basin. The program also includes over 6,400 square kilometers of reprocessed data.

The seismic trio commenced the acquisition for Phase 1 of the Suriname 3D project in 2021.

“Suriname continues to play a vital role in expanding the availability of high-quality data in the Southern Atlantic, a priority for TGS,” said David Hajovsky, Executive Vice President, Western Hemisphere at TGS.

“We’re pleased to partner with CGG and BGP to enhance future exploration in this key region to further support our customer’s investment opportunities, ultimately leading to actionable insights that drive decision-making.”

Fast-track products for this phase are set to be ready for review towards the middle of this year, with the final products for the entire program available in late 2023.

According to Mark Richards, Senior Vice President of BGP Multi-Client, the project will help provide clients with a better understanding of this frontier basin, aiding decisions on licensing round opportunities and exploration offshore Suriname.

Dechun Lin, EVP, Earth Data, CGG, said: “With our in-depth knowledge of the Suriname-Guyana region and leadership in high-end imaging technologies, CGG will deliver the high-resolution, high-fidelity images required to better understand Suriname’s full potential.”