Sener Marine’s FORAN Used in Oceanographic Vessel Cabo de Hornos

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Sener Marine's FORAN Used in Oceanographic Vessel Cabo de Hornos

Sener Marine’s FORAN has been the CAD/CAM System used by the Chilean shipyard ASMAR in the development of an Oceanographic and Fisheries Research Vessel, a state of the art design built for worldwide oceanographic and fishing service and geological research.

The vessel, called -Cabo de Hornos- has been already delivered. With a length overall of 74.1 m, breadth moulded of 15.6 m and depth to main deck of 8.5 m, the vessel can reach a speed of 14.3 knots, with accommodation for 68 persons.

The vessel has been classified by Germanischer Lloyd, CLASS +100 A5 E +MC AUT E Oceanographic Research Vessel. It will perform multidisciplinary functions, such as the study of climatic phenomena and ocean-atmosphere interaction and geological oceanography for the characterization of the sea bottom and subsoil, up to 8,000 m.

All the design, the 3D model of the ship and production drawings have been obtained with the in-house engineering capability, comprising highly skilled personnel and being the FORAN System the main toolset. From the initial design to the final production drawing, FORAN ensures a seamless and comprehensive design environment, where every single component is fully integrated in the 3D product model.

Press Release, December 06, 2013



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