Senior Leaders of China Merchants Bank Visit Zhenjiang Shipyard

Senior Leaders of China Merchants Bank Pay Visit to Zhenjiang Shipyard

On 10th September 2013, Mr. Zhang Xuxin, senior officer from the head office of China Merchants Bank Credit Extension Department, together with Mr. Cui Guoqing, vice president from Nanjing Branch of China Merchants Bank, Mr. Mei Jian, vice president from Zhenjiang Branch and other leaders, paid a visit to Zhenjiang Shipyard.

They also inspected and examined the company’s conditions for further cooperation between banks and enterprises.

The shipyard is engaged in construction of vessels such as Multifunctional Azimuth Thruster Tugs, Ocean Engineering Vessels, Specific Vessels, Mud Dredgers and Bulk Carriers.

Press Release, September 13, 2013