SENSYS Rolls Out Its New ROV Magnetometer

Germany-based manufacturer of magnetometers and survey solutions, SENSYS, said it has launched its new MX3D UW magnetometer system to be mounted on nearly any ROV.

According to the company,  the MX3D UW small size, light weight and high sampling Fluxgate magnetometers allow a very compact setup on and around the ROV, for an easy launch and recovery through A-frames and with TMS.

The loaded sensor frame weights 8 kilograms in air at a width of 1.5 meters to hold 4 sensors. The analogue sensors comes with a recorder to be placed inside the ROV and connected via Ethernet to its MUX.

A recording software on a separate screen on-board allows management and recording of measurement data while operating the ROV.

For the data processing SENSYS offers software to process the data on-board but also supports the major processing- and survey-software products. That way the MX3D UW system can be integrated into any third party system, the company explains.

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