Photo: Illustration only; Courtesy of GTT

Shell and GTT team up for LH2 carrier innovation

Energy giant Shell and containment specialist GTT will work together to develop innovative technologies to enable the transportation of liquid hydrogen (LH2), including a preliminary LH2 carrier design.

Shell and GTT team up for LH2 carrier innovation
Illustration only; Courtesy of GTT

The demand for hydrogen will increase to meet the need for carbon-neutral energy sources in the energy transition. In order to establish a competitive H2 supply chain, the industry must be able to transport large volumes of it in liquefied form.

Therefore, Shell and GTT signed this cooperation agreement. It is specifically a part of Shell’s strategy to develop a hydrogen energy supply chain. It will do so by creating scalable and safe LH2 shipping technologies.

Under the deal, GTT is to develop a preliminary LH2 carrier design as well as an LH2 cargo containment system for mid-size LH2 carriers.

GTT says its technological know-how and capacity for innovation are major assets for developing an optimal containment solution; the kind that can serve on an industrial scale for the maritime transport of liquefied hydrogen.

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Philippe Berterottière, CEO of GTT, said: “We are particularly proud to combine our expertise and innovation capabilities with those of Shell on this very promising project. Our cooperation will allow a new technological breakthrough in the shipping world with the safe and scalable deployment of liquid hydrogen transport.”

Carl Henrickson from Shell stated: “Shell’s strategy is to become a net-zero carbon energy supplier by 2050 or sooner…  Therefore, safe and efficient bulk transport of LH2 will be a critical enabler and we believe GTT brings key expertise to this project that will ultimately help to accelerate and unlock this future energy source.”