SHEPD Seeks Public Comment on Subsea Cables Replacement

Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) is hosting a series of pre-application consultations in Orkney to discuss the replacement of three north isles submarine electricity cables.

The cables, which together measure 28 km in length, are approaching the end of their operational life. The aim of the consultations is to identify the best value method to replace the electricity submarine cables to maintain a safe and secure supply of electricity that meets the needs of island communities, SSE said.

The cable landfalls include Carness Bay to Point of Dishan; Bay of Linton to Bay of Holland; and near Holm of Scockness to Point of Huro.

The meetings will provide an overview of the different cables and possible methods for their replacement. This will allow the public and statutory bodies to feed back their preferences on the route corridors, the installation methods and to highlight any potential impacts which should be taken into consideration, SSE added.

Kirstine Wood, stakeholder manager, said: “The three electricity submarine cables we are replacing are coming to the end of their lifecycle. As part of the engagement process we want to receive comments and insight from the public and statutory bodies to ensure their views and opinions influence the final recommendations we will submit to energy regulator Ofgem and Marine Scotland.”

The work to begin the installation of the new cables is due to begin in Spring 2017.