Shetland tidal array goes ‘baseload’ with Tesla battery

Scottish cleantech company Nova Innovation has integrated its tidal energy array with Tesla battery storage to deliver grid-connected baseload power station.

Nova's tidal turbine in the Shetland Tidal Array (Photo: Nova Innovation)

Since the start of October 2018, the UK grid has been supplied by Nova’s Tidal Energy Storage System (TESS) demonstrator which integrates the company’s Shetland Tidal Array with Tesla’s Powerpack battery technology to provide clean power ‘on demand’.

Simon Forrest, CEO at Nova Innovation, said: “By storing the clean energy generated by the natural ebb and flow of the tide, we can control the supply of electricity to the grid to match demand.

“This creates a consistent source of completely predictable power from a clean, sustainable resource. Nova’s expertise in smart grid control, renewable generation and energy storage has delivered this game-changing innovation.”

Tesla Powerpack (Image: Nova Innovation)

Linking tidal power with energy storage improves security of supply, reduces carbon emissions and helps to balance electricity supply and demand. The predictability of the tide and the six-hour generation cycle times make it the perfect partner for energy storage, according to Nova Innovation.

Sam Gardner, Acting Director of WWF Scotland said: “Predictable renewable power and smart storage working in harmony is the holy grail of the transition to a renewable electricity system.

“It’s great that the Scottish Government has backed this project and we hope it inspires politicians and others with the confidence to provide further support for ground-breaking technologies to cut climate pollution.”

The project has secured funding from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Program. The program is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, is accelerating the development and delivery of low-carbon infrastructure projects across Scotland.