Shipkits BV: 6 New Multi Purpose Heavy Lift Vessels (The Netherlands)

6 New Multi Purpose Heavy Lift Vessels

Late last year, Shipkits BV Shipbuilders in Groningen, signed contracts for the construction of three heavy lift vessels for Hartman Shipping on Urk.

Eventually, there may be half a dozen of this design to be built, of which two of them for our customer Abis Shipping in Harlingen.

The design of the vessels is performed by C-Job in Hoofddorp, in close cooperation with the owners and Shipkits.

Very interesting is, that these vessels with a deadweight of 4200 tons, are equipped with two cargo cranes of 150 tons each and have a top speed of approximately 17 knots. This is, in comparison with other heavy lift vessels, very fast and remarkable.

Currently the cutting packages for the first sections have been delivered to the shipyard in Poland, where the hull is built.

Early 2013, the completion of the first two ships will startup, one in Harlingen and one on the former isle of Urk. (both in The Netherlands)

About ten weeks later, the building proces of three will start, with the last and sixth ship due to be casco-ready twenty weeks later.

The first five ships will be delivered before the end of 2013, the sixth in 2014.


Source: shipkits, July 12, 2012