Shipyard De Hoop Builds New Vessel for Nigeria

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Shipyard De Hoop has recently secured an order for the design and construction of an Intermix/Transmix vessel.

Shipyard De Hoop Builds New Vessel for Nigeria

The contract consists of a newly designed 68.23 x 15.77metre Offshore Service/Support Vessel (OSV) for Awaritse Nigeria Limited (ANL).

Designed to operate in the Royal Dutch Shell (Shell Nigeria) and Chevron offshore oil fields near Nigeria, the OSV will be deployed for the discharge of Transmix liquids, a by-product of oil-production and oil-transport through pipe lines.

The delivery of the OSV is scheduled for the last quarter of this year. This unmatched delivery time, for an OSV of this calibre, exemplifies the unique value of de Hoop’s experience with this type of work vessel. Customising proven concepts and “keeping it simple, stupid” (KISS) is the secret behind the straight forward design, which is competitive in overall costs (investment and running costs) and operational reliability.

For this design, ANL chose a diesel-electric propulsion concept to achieve enhanced flexibility and economical superiority. The hull shape is based on a proven De Hoop design with excellent DP capabilities. The generators are located on the main deck, which not only allows much larger cargo volumes, but also easier access for maintenance. The resulting impressive tank capacities make this vessel stand out in its size range. Providing accommodation for a total of 30 persons, this DP2 class vessel has a cargo tank capacity of 800 cubic metres and allows for 500 square metres of deck mounted cargo. With a beam of almost 15.8metres, the vessel has a deadweight of 2600tons.

To provide ample cargo pump capacity, there are two pump rooms: one in the aft ship (forward of the thruster room) and one in the forward area, just aft of the bow thrusters. The combination of pumps provides a Transmix transfer capacity of 1000barrels per hour. For hose handling and loading or unloading deck cargo, two knuckle boom cranes are fitted: one on starboard side aft and one on portside amidships both with a capacity of 10tons at a maximum outreach of 15metres.


Shipyard De Hoop, March 25, 2014


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