SHM launches crew boat for offshore oil field ops in India

As India moves ahead to secure its energy needs, the energy exploration and production activities would increase many folds going deeper in the seas.
Ocean Crewser - the first of its kind high speed fast crew boat (FCB) by SHM Shipcare


Partnering with oil and gas companies to support its activities, SHM Shipcare, headquartered in Mumbai, has launched the first of its kind high speed fast crew boat (FCB) Ocean Crewser.

It has been specifically designed to support offshore oil field operations in India. Whilst the primary function of the vessel is crew transfer, the vessel’s arrangement provides flexibility with over 30 square meters of cargo deck, equipped to carry cargo of up to 5 tonnes.

Speaking about the newly launched Ocean Crewser, Sh. Saifuddin Huseini Hajee,Managing Partner, SHM Shipcare, said, “Currently the prospects of growth in the Indian oil industry are extremely exciting as compared to any other country. The need of the hour was to develop vessels that could support this development by ensuring the speed and safe transfer of men and material. Thus, SHM Shipcare in its endeavor to provide the industry with a comprehensive yet feasible solution launched the Ocean Crewser. Expected to be the fastest crew transport vessel for oil field operations, the boat complies with IMO, HSC, SPS requirements and has an excellent maneuvering certified by RINA classification. SHM Ship care envisages an expanding market for this type of vessel.”

The vessel is designed to operate as a fast crew transfer vessel for 25 offshore personnel and multiple installations. The unique hull design has been optimized for high-speed transits with specific user oriented features to limit seasickness of transiting workers. The on-board noise, vibration and indoor climate are in accordance with RINA comfort notation. Additionally, the high speed of the FCB allows operational cost efficiency over helicopter transfer of the passengers and cargo. Along with design and operational features, safety has been an integral consideration in the design and production of the Ocean Crewser.

As a future endeavor, upper deck GA is also being redesigned as a 2nd variant of the original boat to suit ‘quick cargo transfer’ from shore supply base to offshore installations to cater to an emergency situations as well as any urgent requirements. The oil industry may agree that this shall surely ensure minimizing, if not avoiding, the possibilities of down time of critical requirement and shut downs for the need of material and service personnel. In turn, it provides an optimum and cost-effective option for the sector in India. SHM Shipcare looks forward to the Ocean Crewser being used in the industry soon and strives to continue to create customized boat solutions for every industry and their unique requirements.


June 04, 2014



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