Singapore: Ezion Holdings Secures Charter for Its Liftboat

Singapore - Ezion Holdings Secures Charter for Its Liftboat

The Board of Directors of Ezion Holdings Limited announced that the Group has secured a charter contract with a value of approximately USD 65.7 million over a 4 year period to provide a Liftboat to be used by a state-linked power generation enterprise in China.

The Liftboat is expected to be deployed and working in the Yellow Sea in the 3rd quarter of 2013 upon its completion.

Ezion Holdings Limited has two main business divisions that specialises in the development, ownership and chartering of strategic offshore assets and the provision of offshore marine logistics and support services to the offshore oil and gas industries.

The Group is the owner of one of the largest and most sophisticated class of Multi-Purpose Self-Propelled Jack-up Rigs (“Liftboats”) in the world and one of the first to promote the usage of Liftboats in Asia & Middle East. Ezion’s Liftboats are used mainly for well-servicing, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore platforms. The Group has a fleet of 4 Liftboats that are expected to come into service in the current financial year.

Source: Ezion Holdings, March 7, 2012