Singapore LNG Corporation appoints new CEO

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG), builder, owner, and operator of Singapore’s and Asia’s first open-access multi-user LNG terminal, has selected a new chief executive officer (CEO).

Image courtesy of Singapore LNG Corporation

SLNG revealed that Leong Wei Hung will succeed the current CEO Tan Soo Koong with effect from April 7, 2024. To allow for a period of transition, Leong will assume the role of CEO (Designate) of SLNG from February 1, 2024.

Leong has been a non-executive director of the Board of SLNG since May 2022 and prior to this, he had a career spanning more than 28 years with the Shell Group, where he served in various roles based in Singapore and the UK.

He also served as a board member of Shell Eastern Petroleum and Shell Eastern Trading, as well as an advisor to several other companies.

SLNG Chairman, Tang Kin Fei, said: “We have been keeping a look-out for a possible new CEO as part of a planned succession process. We are fortunate that Wei Hung has agreed to take on the role and continue the good work that has been achieved so far. He is a well-regarded veteran of the industry, is passionate about SLNG and is eager to take the company to new heights. SLNG is in good hands.”

Current CEO, Tan Soo Koong, will be retiring with effect from April 6, 2024. He joined SLNG in April 2019 and during his tenure, he has set the company on a forward-looking course towards Catalysing New Possibilities in the Energy Transition – meeting the infrastructure and operational requirements for future energy needs; advancing the growth of the LNG eco-system; and facilitating new energy developments and innovations, SLNG stated.