SMD and UMS Partner on Underwater Mining

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) and Underwater Mining Solutions (UMS) are teaming up to offer the full scope of mining equipment required for underwater mining projects.

SMD and UMS’ complementary product portfolio and combined expertise, should provide de-risked solutions to deep-sea, near-shore and inland underwater exploration, mining and processing.

SMD has delivered over 400 subsea systems to date, including the world’s first three commercial deep-sea mining vehicles for Nautilus Minerals. UMS has delivered commercial shallow water mining solutions and have capability to provide mining vehicles and corresponding launch & recovery systems, vessel conversion, ore processing, transportation, separation and ancillary ore handling equipment.

Robert Denovan, UMS: “The minerals industry is currently in a ‘belt-tightening’ period. We are now in the perfect position to offer larger mining houses the solutions they need to help them get through this period, and to help them emerge into the next growth phase with a competitive edge.”

Stef Kapusniak, SMD: “We’re delighted to be able to offer the emerging underwater mining market, both inland and offshore, an unrivalled capability from a group that provides the experience and ability to deliver market-leading solutions.”