SMD Develops Synthetic Environment and Virtualisation Tool

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), a manufacturer of remote intervention equipment, has launched a synthetic environment and virtualisation platform named ‘Sentio’ that could, according to the company, optimise and improve the efficiency of operations in any offshore environment.

Reportedly, Sentio, the first of a number of new offerings to be delivered from SMD Services, enables the user to virtualise any operational environment across the full ocean engineering value chain, from topside to subsea. This can improve operational safety, identify and mitigate risks and significantly lower costs by understanding operational needs before going offshore, SMD explains.

Mahesh Menon, Digital Services product manager, said: “Sentio, developed with our technology partner Tree-C, generates a unique insight into offshore operations. This enhanced perspective means the customer is able to make highly informed decisions, ensuring operations are safe, reliable and fully optimised prior to the real life operation – all virtual, from wherever they are based. This is extremely valuable to a variety of customers in the offshore industry, especially in today’s challenging oil & gas economic climate. Sentio will help get the job done right the first time.”

Graham Puntis, managing director of SMD Services, added: “In these challenging times for our customer base, SMD recognises the need to provide reliable through life support for subsea intervention assets owned by our clients. SMD Services will continue to offer the traditional support options that our customers have always enjoyed, and in addition we will be providing a range of solutions designed to increase availability and reliability of ROVs, trenchers and ploughs, whilst helping to reduce through life costs of ownership. Sentio, our state-of-the-art synthetic environment tool is the first in this range to be launched.”