South Korea: Naming Ceremony for ‘Bow Pioneer’

Naming Ceremony for 'Bow Pioneer'

‘Bow Pioneer’, the first ship built by DSME, has been revived after thirty years. The naming ceremony for Hull No. 2018, the world’s biggest 75,000 DWT chemical tanker ordered by Odfjell SE was held at E2 quay on 29th April.

Mrs. Arnhild Odfjell, spouse of Mr. Bernt Daniel Odfjell, the former chairman of Odfjell, named her ‘Bow Pioneer’. It is the same name that was given to the first ship built by DSME, Hull No. 2001.

DSME built two 22,500 DWT chemical tankers for Skibs A/S Storli, the predecessor of Odfjell SE in 1982. While the first Bow Pioneer has run her race, the owner came back to DSME in order to build a new vessel.

The vessel has been decorated using pictures made by Geoje elementary students. Odfjell has established a long tradition where they ask school students from around the world to decorate their new-build ships. The school selected is usually one from the area where the ships are being built. Therefore Junk-gok elementary school students participated by making the paintings and approximately 80 pictures were put on the walls in the accommodation area.

Around 70 honored guests attended the ceremony, including Mr. Bernt Daniel Odfjell who is the former chairman of Odfjell SE and Mr. In-Kie Hong who was the CEO of DSME when Hull No. 2001 was constructed.

DSME, May 6, 2013

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