Spain: Balenciaga Shipyard Launches D-Class Vessel ‘Grampian Discovery’

Spain - Balenciaga Shipyard Launches D-Class Vessel 'Grampian Discovery'

Balenciaga Shipyard recently launched the third emergency response and rescue vessel, in a series of four D-Class vessels built for Craig Group, the Grampian Discovery. These new ERRVs are designated NSS-IMT 950s, designed by IMT of Montrose and are equipped with one fast rescue craft.

The Grampian Discovery, has secured a contract with Shell to support their North Sea drilling operations.

This investment in D Class vessels is part of the £215million million new-build programme by the Craig Group, which began in 2003. ERRVs have advanced greatly and today provide frontline cover for thousands of workers in one of the harshest environments in the world and are essential for the support of offshore operations particularly where mass evacuation of an installation is required, the vessels also provide other vital services, such as anti-collision surveillance, pollution control / oil recovery, emergency towage and tanker assist duties.

The four new vessels and their contracts will lead to an additional 120 jobs in the North Sea marine industry, which is also welcome news.

Source: Craig Group, May 16, 2012