Statoil adds two more years to TCO’s contract

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TCO, a Norwegian oilfield services company, has been awarded a contract extension with Statoil.

TCO said on Monday that the contract entails providing Statoil with disappearing glass plugs and a chemical injection system. The deal is a two-year extension of a contract signed between the companies in 2014.

Halle Aslaksen, TCO CEO, said: “The first TCO glass plug was installed for Statoil in 2004 and we are pleased with the long-term customer relationship we have with Statoil.”

According to the company, the TCO Disappearing Glass Plug is a barrier plug that provides a total seal against all gasses and fluids. The glass plug is installed and runs as an integrated part of the completion string and disintegrates into small particles upon removal, providing large bore access, TCO said.

When it comes to TCO’s Chemical Injection System, the company explained that it is based on high-end chemical injection valves which provide the hydrostatic support required to eliminate the U-tube effect in chemical injection systems. The company claims that it ensures durability and effectiveness of the completion solution throughout the entire life of the well.

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