Statoil workers to receive cranes training at Westcon

Westcon Løfteteknikk will Statoil employees within cranes and lifting operations under a long term contract.

Karl Johan Jentoft
Karl Johan Jentoft
Image: Westcon/Øyvind Sætre

Statoil has chosen Westcon Løfteteknikk as its supplier of a training program for Statoil employees within crane and lifting operations. The contract starts in mid-April and last for three years with an option for additionally two years (1+1).Westcon Løfteteknikk, which is a part of Westcon Group, offer a total range concept compromising products and services such as sale and lease of cranes and lifting equipment, engineering services and training.

“This is truly a prestigious contract for us. On behalf of our employees I am very proud that we as a total concept provider wins in competition with specialized training providers. Today we are celebrating,” says Karl Johan Jentoft, CEO of Westcon Løfteteknikk.

Press Release, April 10, 2014, Image: Westcon/Øyvind Sætre