Stonehenge to begin Protean ocean testing

Stonehenge Metals has announced plans to commence with the ocean testing of their Protean wave energy converter.

Following the conclusion of the core components workshop testing of the fully assembled Protean WEC, Stonehenge Metals has announced that the Protean WEC technology program has now advanced to the ocean based or wet testing phase.

Bruce Lane, Stonehenge Metals’ MD, said:

“The successful conclusion of the workshop testing of the single proof of commercial applicability device was the next major milestone in our program to accelerate commercialisation of the Protean WEC technology. We are excited to now be moving the technology into the ocean based wet testing phase.”

According to Stonehenge Metals, the fabrication of the 30 WEC buoy array, which will make up the planned demonstration wave farm, is expected to commence once the wet testing of the individual buoy is concluded.

Stonehenge Metals is an Australian mining company that has entered into an option agreement to purchase the Protean WEC technology.

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Image: Protean Wave Energy